Get to Know Our Team

We are a team of Passionate, Young and Experienced professionals teamed to create the RIGHT product for YOUR goals. We believe this is accomplished via our expertise,Customer’s experience.

We build & transform business through strategy, design & development

For an agency like ours, having a process that has been refined over the past years is our biggest advantage. It means that your product will be created quickly, efficiently and accurately to meet the needs of your customers.

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About us

We at Tychee Innovations build products. We are a curated team of Mobile, Tablet, Watch, TV, AR/VR, IoT and web design, development and marketing agency based in India with branches in USA, UAE and Qatar.

Over the past years, we have crafted products of our own and have also partnered with enterprises, entrepreneurs and digital/full-service agencies to build over numerous products across multitude of devices.

We can help with everything from initial digital product strategy, design and development through app marketing/PR and post-launch maintenance.

Meet the team

Bhanu Prathap CEO, Founder
Naren Dama CTO, Co-Founder
Adepu Ramesh COO, Co-Founder

Our promise

At Tychee Innovations, we understand that the decision to build a new product, and the team you choose to build it with, is a crucial, and even daunting decision.

That’s why we give you our promise: to do our very best and to always strive to do the right thing for your project, your users, and your team.

We want you to think of us as your partners in this journey.

We can build your story

Through the years we have partnered with great companies all over the world.

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